Wild Wing Cafe: Braveheart Wings

I think Wild Wing Cafe changed their Braveheart sauce. It's that or all the other times I ordered the Braveheart wings, they brought me something else.

Whenever I go, I almost always get the Habanero Hot or Braveheart wings. The server always asks me if I'm sure that's what I want. They're spicy, but I never thought they were as hot as they sounded.

Today the Braveheart wings came with a very different sauce than I remembered from previous visits. A decidedly heavier coating of sauce, with a lot more visible pepper. Before I always found the Braveheart sauce more vinegary but today the sauce smelled and tasted a lot like another very spicy seasoning I love to use: Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning (if you like jerk seasoning, I think this is the best one). Don't know if that's what was on the wings, but it definitely tasted like it and had the distinctive taste and burn of scotch bonnets.

Up until today, I considered the Blazin' wings at Buffalo Wild Wings the hottest I've found in Charleston so far (at least since Necter closed). After today I think that title might have to go to the Braveheart wings at the Market St Wild Wing Cafe location.

Wild Wing Cafe does have an Island Jerk sauce on the menu. That today's Braveheart sauce was so different than what I remember from previous visits makes me wonder. Is it a new version of the Braveheart sauce? Did they run out or not have any on hand and just combined the Habanero + Island Jerk sauces for my order? Does each location have their own version of Braveheart sauce? Was I really getting Braveheart sauce with my previous orders?

Now I have to go back and try more Bravehearts. I'll have to try the other two locations too. Before I confer the Hottest Wings title I need to make sure my next orders of Braveheart wings comes with the same sauce.

Charleston hot wing aficionados, help me out here. What has your experience been with the Braveheart wings at Wild Wing? Was today an anomaly? New? Routine?