Graduating to DSLR

Returning to SLR would be more like it. Mulling over purchasing a Canon EOS Rebel XT from one of the photo meetup members.

It's an older camera (came out in 2005), but is in pretty good condition and doesn't look like it's been used a whole lot. Controls are a little different from my FZ50 but doesn't seem like it would be too hard to get used to.

Doesn't do video (never did much video with the FZ50 anyway) and the kit lens it comes with is 18-55mm so it doesn't get me quite as close as my FZ50 does. It also uses CF cards so I'll have to buy a few of those too. It does give me a wider angle though and larger range of f-stops.

There's also that satisfying click-clack of the mirror and shutter moving when a shot is taken. Looking forward to playing with the camera over the next few days.