Photowalking at Patriots Point

After 11 years of living in Charleston, I finally made it over to Patriots Point and the Yorktown. Went out there with a few people from the photo meetup group. It turned out to be a great day for it too. Nice and sunny and warmer than the last few days have been.

Patriots Point and the Yorktown is a great place to visit. I could easily spend a couple of full days just wandering around there and checking out all the exhibits. Spent most of the afternoon out there wandering around, then caught some cool sunset photos from the flight deck.


Ravenel bridge

The first impression I got was "Wow, this thing is big". It's one thing to see it from across the river, but you really get a sense of the scale when you get up close. Even the planes were big. It was a lot of fun wandering around inside and checking out the different exhibit areas. Watch your step and your head going up and down some of the stairs!


F-14 Tomcat

For most, it's the planes and jets that are the highlight of the museum.



For me it was the instruments. Compared with all the technology and computerization in modern instruments, you almost feel surprised that they were able to do what they did 50-60 years ago with just wires and switches.

Combat Information Center

USS Yorktown bridge

Will definitely have to go back again to see the parts that I missed yesterday.