Vacation week in review

Travel issues aside, the past week in Edmonton was pretty awesome. Could have used a few more days but I was able to get around to most things that I wanted to do and see most of the people I wanted to see.

The weather started off pretty mild, but then turned cold. It felt good to be back in winter again.

Dim sum and dinner at real Chinese restaurants was a welcome change compared to the Chinese food in Charleston. Indulged myself with Boston Pizza a couple of times, which was yummy.

There were a few people I didn't get a chance to meet up with, which was a little disappointing and a few things I didn't get to do. Will just have to save those for next time.

I did get to see the new Centennial Science Center going up in place of the Physics building and V-wing on the U of A campus. On my last trip it was just a big hole in the ground. Looks like a nice building, although for something with as grand a name as "Centennial Center for Interdisciplinary Science", it seemed like it might be a little on the small side. Maybe it's bigger than it looks on the inside. Also saw a bunch of new buildings on campus. The Engineering sector of the campus is positively packed with buildings now. A great big long building popped up opposite the hospital too. Didn't get a chance to find out what it was though.

My friends tell me I should move back to Edmonton. This past trip made me feel like a stranger in my own home town. So many changes, so many new things. I started wondering if I could go back. The city is very different from the one I grew up in, but it's still home.

Well, it'll be several more years before I think about thinking about making any kind of move. Based on what one of my friends was telling me about what was going on with his department, there might not be much for me to go back to anyway.