A week at SPIE Medical Imaging

Last week I went to my first SPIE Medical Imaging conference.

As conferences go, SPIE MI is a more technical conference, and the work being presented tends to be a little more on the bleeding edge of things than what you might find at RSNA or AAPM. Since most of what I've done in the past has been more clinical and not as bleeding edge, it's not a conference that's high on my list of ones I want to go to. This time though, it was an opportunity to present some of the preliminary Monte Carlo work we've been doing. There were three posters accepted from our group and I got to go present them.

SPIE MI bounces between San Diego and Orlando each year, and this year it was in Orlando at one of the Disney Resorts. I flew in Friday, and since the conference didn't really get started until Sunday (something I didn't realize beforehand, really) I decided to spend my suddenly free Saturday at Disney World Epcot. Fun place. Much, much fun. I could have easily spent another day here.


The rest of the week was spent at the conference seeing what would be coming my way a few years from now and catching up on studying. I did get to spend a day wandering around Downtown Disney. A fun place to go people watch, especially in the evening.

Downtown Disney