Rain 1, curb 1, car 0

The car took a bit of an ouchie today. Taking the left turn off Lockwood to get onto the bridge into West Ashley, the car hit a slick patch on the wet road and the back end fishtailed one way, whipped back around the other way when I tried to correct and we ended up slamming into the curb and up onto the grass. Very nearly took out a palm tree too.

Fortunately no injuries other than a bit of shock and surprise and no other cars involved. I'm sure it must have been a sight for the other drivers who happened to be around.


It's at the Toyota dealership now where they gave me a verbal estimate of about $2k to fix the broken brake lines, hub, mangled brake drum and rim.

I suppose that's what I get for being complacent about driving in the rain. Pay attention to those wet roads!