An emergency vet West of the Ashley

Previously if you had an after hours pet emergency, you could go to one of two emergency vet clinics: one in North Charleston on West Montague Ave and another over in Mt. Pleasant on Pine Hollow Rd (just off 17 near Dragoon Rd). That left people living West of the Ashley with a bit of a drive to get to either of those clinics. Based on previous experience, that trip to the emergency vet can seem like a really long one even when you're not that far away.

Now there's a much closer option for people living West of the Ashley, located at the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center just off the Glenn McConnell Parkway at Shelby Ray Ct.

Having an emergency vet out there should make it much easier for WA pet owners.

Update: I made a Google Map of the emergency vet clinics in the area.