Bejeweled 2: Palm OS vs Android

I find it interesting that PopCap's Bejeweled 2 by Astraware runs way way better on my Tungsten T3 than the EAMobile version of Bejeweled 2 on my Motorola Cliq.

Tungsten T3 - Intel XScale 400 MHz
Motorola Cliq - Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz

On my T3, smooth animation, pretty graphics and colours, and very playable.

On the Cliq, it's pretty darned near unplayable, giving perhaps 3-4 fps, even with killing off a bunch of apps before running. Looks prettier than the T3 though.

Oh, and with the Android version, EA Mobile made the game do a check for updates at launch. If you have no data signal, you have to wait a little bit for it to give up before playing.