Computer testing

CSCLUG is getting involved in setting up another computer lab and today was hardware testing day for the first batch of what looked like a zillion computers.

This was only half of the bunch. There are apparently more on the way.

Stacks of computers

Each of the computers was given a quick check to see how operational it was. Machines with missing bits (typically RAM) were set aside. We ran Memtest and tested to see if they would PXE boot off the network.

Testing the computers

We made it through about half the stack of machines and ended up with somewhere around 24 out of 33 usable machines with nearly 50 more to test.

A batch of usable machines

Working computers and spare bits

We ended up with a bunch of machines that haven't been tested yet because they have no memory. If anybody has sticks of memory for Dell GX 270s and GX 280s (DDR 333 or better) that are cluttering up your drawers, we can put them to good use!