CREATESouth 2011

Had a good time at today's CREATESouth. Got to meet up with friends, eat some tasty BBQ and sit in on some good sessions.

Attendance seemed to be pretty good this year with a lot of new faces.

Lunch by Andre Pope and Proud Purveyors of Pork was excellent as usual. I even managed to win some of their sauces and rub. Looking forward to trying it out on the two Boston butts in my freezer.

Serving up some BBQ

First session of the afternoon was the Photography Hacks session by Kreg Steppe. He went over a few simple little hacks and gadgets that could be done pretty easily and inexpensively. The coffee filter gray card for setting the white balance was pretty nifty.

Next session was one on building mobile apps. Didn't go into too much depth, but introduced a few interesting looking tools and suggestions. A good session for whetting the appetite.

The last session I went to was Homebrew 101. Although I doubt I'll ever get into brewing my own beer (just not that heavy a beer drinker) it was interesting to see everything that goes into the process.

There was one more session and then the after party, but it was time for me to leave so I could get back to the dogs. A great day and I got to learn something at each session I went to.

CREATESouth is looking for new volunteers to help with organizing next year's event. If you're interested, sign up! It's a great event to be involved in.

Objective: Get my copy of Home-Ec 101 autographed by the author.
Status: Completed
Heather signing my copy of Home-Ec 101