Review: Heaven by Mur Lafferty

My first encounter with Mur Lafferty was at CREATESouth 2010, where she gave a very entertaining keynote speech.

The last few days I've been entertaining myself with her audio book series Heaven. The Afterlife Series started off in 2006 with Heaven and continues with Hell, Earth, Wasteland and concludes with War.

For me, the measure of a good book is how often my brain churns around in the world and with the characters. Books like Dune, Lord of the Rings, most anything by Robert Heinlein have all given my brain vast worlds to explore and have fun in.

Although I've only recently finished Mur Lafferty's Afterlife series, it has been spinning in my head since I started listening. It's a story that takes many different elements and combines them all together into an entertaining tale. Take two people, kill them, send them into the afterlife, turn them into gods that never quite grasp the full extent of their god-ness and see what happens.

When I'm listening to things, whether it's music, podcasts, audiobooks or the radio, my brain usually ends up tuning it out. Heaven managed to keep my brain entertained enough to keep listening. Mur does a good job of reading the story, and most of the time it's easy to tell the different characters apart. There is the occasional sprinkling of swear words in there, so probably not something you'd want to listen to with kids around.

The entire series is available from and is just under 18.5 hours (69 files, ~850 MB). Definitely worth checking out.