New diabetes diagnosis

At a recent routine physical exam, my doctor gave me a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

I wasn't entirely surprised by it given some symptoms I had been having for the past month (also part of the reason I scheduled the doctor's visit) and mom's history with diabetes.

I can't say I was really bothered by the diagnosis. I certainly wasn't upset or angry about it. My initial reaction was more of an "Aw crap" type of mildly annoyed reaction.

Doctor put me on metformin for blood sugar control and I got one of those blood glucose meter things. I'm supposed to test my blood glucose levels in the morning for the next few weeks to establish a baseline fasting glucose level before heading back to the doctor for a follow up visit.

Right now the hard part is remembering that I have it and that I have to think about what I eat now, especially the high carb foods that I have a small addiction to. From what I've read so far, diet is all about reducing/cutting out the carbs. Low carb is going to take some getting used to.