Returning to the Spicy Tuna

A year and a half after the first round, I happened to be near Bushido, so I figured "What the hell, let's go back to the Challenge".

Today I took on rolls 6, 7 and 8. The rolls seemed bigger this time around and filled with more tuna. This time around, I found it wasn't really the heat that I had a hard time with. Sure, the rolls were hot, getting up to about the hottest food I've had so far and a burn that lingers a while. No, it wasn't really the heat. It was the texture. All that mushy tuna and not quite enough other texture to balance things out. I don't know about anyone else, but I hate mushy food. I don't even like eating bananas once they get too soft. The mushiness almost made me gag halfway through roll #7. Managed to power through and finish off all three rolls.

Now just rolls 9 and 10 remain. Who knows when or if I'll decide to finish it off.

Since it was a spur of the moment thing, I just have crappy cell phone photos.
spicy tuna challenge #6, 7, and 8. this is gonna hurt #chs #c... on Twitpic

digging into #7  on Twitpic