Fresh start with OpenMelody

Looks like things are running pretty well on OpenMelody so far. Left behind all the plugins, so everything is plain vanilla Melody. I might bring a few things back, but I'm kind of liking this clean uncluttered DePo theme.

Still not sure what the deal was with the error I was having with the dynamic archives. It still happens seemingly randomly as I'm clicking on things in the back end and publishing stuff. Might have to resort to posting a question somewhere.

In a couple of weeks, this blog will be heading into its 9th year. 9! 8 years and 2385 entries here! Just doesn't seem like it's been that long. Time flies.Blogging has slowed down a little because of time constraints and partly from not having a clear notion of what I want to put here. There are always lots of things tumbling around in my head that could probably go here. They usually never get well formed enough to be turned into anything coherent enough for a blog post though.

Guess I'll just continue the rambling for another year.