Lighter moments at Southeast Linuxfest

Southeast Linuxfest has always been a pretty casual event and everybody generally has a pretty good time.

Linux geeks are usually pretty creative at hacking together a solution. What do you do when you need to enhance wifi coverage? Stick a wireless router on a pole.

Wifi for the masses

Computer geeks like coffee (generally), so the people at Sudo Make Coffee came up with some varieties.

Sudo make coffee

What would a computer conference be without the requisite rats nest of Cat5?


Of course, everybody loves Dave "Sexy" Yates.

Dave Yates and Jon 'Maddog' Hall'

Tom Callaway's opening for his keynote was pretty hilarious.

Tom Callaway keynote

Usually it's a wedding or wedding reception that gets party crashed. This time a wedding crashed the SELF party.

Wedding party crashers

Wedding party crashers

Tux was stolen...


and then returned

Tux returned!

and then stolen again.

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