Post-Southeast Linuxfest 2011

Another successful Southeast LInuxfest in the bag.

This year's event didn't seem quite as busy as last year. No firm numbers yet, but I'd guess somewhere around 400 or so. Looked like somewhere around 200-300 for each of the keynote sessions. Both of the keynote sessions by Jon "maddog" Hall (phone rant) and Tom Callaway (Cloud cloud cloud) were very entertaining.

Most of my time was spent running around doing miscellaneous errands, taking photos and manning one of the video camera for recording sessions. Ended up with over close to 500 photos, that I've whittled down to around 350 after the first pass. Will go through them one or two more times to weed out a few more before posting them.

Highlights of SELF included the mingling of Linux geeks with a debutante ball, another awesome performance by Dual Core at the SELF party, the SELF party getting crashed by a wedding party. There were apparently many more drunken antics that I missed.

Tux was stolen, returned, then stolen again. A good session on regular expressions by Tom Good. Lots of great Drupal sessions at DrupalCampSC. Learned about a lot of neat things that I want to try out. Discovered sudo make coffee and brought home a couple bags to try out.

Already looking forward to next year.