More telephoto fun

After yesterday's so-so results with the new lens, I went out to try it in the daylight and found myself at Demetre Park (aka Sunrise Park). The park has changed quite a a bit since I was last there, and there's a lot more going on now. There's a new fishing pier/boat dock, new signs, a new beach and benches. Still pretty rocky but more interesting.

When you don't have to worry about light, the Tamron lens performs pretty well. Focus was pretty quick with less seeking. Long shots turned out reasonably well even being hand held thanks to being able to use a fast shutter speed. I was able to get a few shots of pelicans diving into the water to turn out pretty well at 200 mm.


Got a nice view of Fort Sumter resting the camera on the rail of the fishing pier

Fort Sumter

There were a few ibises that let me photograph them too


Perhaps the only complaint I have about the Tamron lens is that to go to longer focal lengths, you rotate the barrel to the right, which is the opposite of the kit lens (but the same direction as my Panasonic FZ-50).

So now I have two lenses that perform pretty well in daylight: the kit 18-55 mm and the Tamron. Now I need something for low light. I may have to splurge sooner rather than later on that 50 mm f/1.4 prime I've had my eye on.

Actually what I really need to splurge on is a flash.