Skinny(-er) me

Recently I've been getting a few comments about how it looks like I've lost weight. Unexpected, but kind of cool.

In fact, it was a somewhat drastic loss in weight that prompted me to make the doctor appointment that lead to my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. A 20 lb drop in weight to be precise, enough to make you go "whoa, what's going on". Losing that much weight, especially when you haven't been doing anything special to lose it, demands some attention. I don't recommend undiagnosed/untreated diabetes as a weight loss program.

Since my diagnosis, the scale says my weight's been pretty steady at around 175 plus or minus a few pounds. I could probably stand to lose a few more and wouldn't mind getting back down to around 160 or so.

Getting more active and workouts at the gym have resulted in a redistribution of weight from fat to muscle so although I actually haven't lost any more weight in the last few months it looks like I have.

Feeling more fit, getting stronger and slowly easing back into running again.

My running routine at the moment consists of laps around the track at the gym at a leisurely 10 minute mile pace. Jog one mile, walk a few laps and then finish off with another mile. Getting to the point where I feel like I can up the pace a little. I'm looking forward to when the weather cools down some so that I can get outside to do some running.

Looking forward to keeping this trend going.