Cupcake Camp Charleston 2011

Yesterday's Cupcake Camp Charleston was another great success judging by the number of people that came and the number of cupcake bakers. The number and variety of cupcakes seemed almost endless, with some very creative cupcakes.
Some creative cupcakes

Thanksgiving dinner cupcake

This year's Cupcake Camp was also a fundraiser for Pattison's Academy, a school for children with multiple disabilities.

I didn't have too many cupcakes, but the ones I did have were all really good. Would have liked to try them all, but that probably wouldn't have been too healthy for me.

There were clearly people who had been to last year's Cupcake Camp. Not content with a mere paper plate, they were the ones that brought their own boxes and large containers to hold their cupcake haul.

You might think being a Cupcake Camp judge would be pretty awesome, but after looking at all the cupcakes they have to sample, I'm thinking maybe not so much (although I still probably wouldn't say no).
Judges' table

Also present was Coastal Coffee Roasters, roasting up some beans and serving some freshly roasted and ground coffees for people to try out.
Coastal Coffee Roasters

Sampling coffee

Another good time was had at this year's Cupcake Camp Charleston. Next up in April is Cupcake Camp Summerville, in case you haven't had enough cupcakes yet. That will probably be enough time for people to recover from this year's cupcake binge.

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