More star trails

An attempt to capture a 60 minute exposure of the northern sky failed because the battery died on me during the exposure. I should probably switch out to a fresh battery before each session.

After switching to the spare battery and letting the camera warm up a little bit, I captured this ~33 minute exposure (ISO 400, f/7.1) showing the stars circling around Polaris.
Star trails

This one is another ~33 minute exposure with the aperture set to f/10. Makes the sky a little darker but the lower magnitude stars start disappearing. Now the camera's been out long enough for condensation to become a problem again
Star trails

Going to have to research some solutions for getting around the condensation issue. Had someone suggest a small battery powered fan which seems like a good idea.

The next technique I want to try is stacking multiple short exposures to produce a simulated long exposure. It's supposed to be a good technique for controlling the amount of noise in the images.