Changes afoot: Great American Grill

There are changes afoot to one of my favourite eating places, Great American Grill. One of the reasons it's been a favourite place to eat for the past few years is the atmosphere. The food, while nothing fancy, is pretty good and home-y feeling. You can sit, relax, enjoy your meal, read the paper and not feel rushed to finish and get out like in other places.

There's a new guy behind the kitchen now. The owner, Christine, has partered up with Chef Mark of Southern Occasions Catering. I got to see him in action this morning when I stopped in for breakfast. He seems to be a friendly sort of chef. No changes to the menu yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some soon. A sign on the door mentioned a grand re-opening coming in January.

Great American Grill has managed to stay in business longer than any other restaurant I've seen in that corner spot since I've been in Charleston. Looking forward to seeing what Chef Mark has to bring.