Diabetes Diagnosis + 6 months

Things seem to be going pretty well so far. Fasting blood glucose levels are still in the 100-110 mg/dl range with some periods in the 110-120 mg/dl range. There almost seems to be a pattern in my FBG. The graph is kind of begging me to do a Fourier analysis on it.

My bathroom scale tells me I'm down to 168 pounds now, although the scale at the gym says 174. Either way it's still lower than before. Gym going has been hampered a bit by my work and school workload, but after classes end this week I should be able to get back to a regular gym routine.

Recent visit to the eye doctor showed no problems so far. Eye doctor wants me to get checked annually now instead of every other year.

I decided to purchase a second glucose meter (True Track from Publix) to use as backup, and to let me test my blood glucose response to different foods. The strips are significantly less expensive than the ones for my Aviva so more frequent testing won't be a huge hit to the wallet.

The stats course I'm taking and some discussions on a diabetes forum I've been hanging out in made me want to look at differences and variations in blood glucose readings. I've got comparison data for the two meters, which I need to finish looking at. Need to do a literature search to find out how these things work and what kind of published info is available.