New starts and fresh beginnings

2011 was an interesting year, in that Chinese proverb/curse sense of the word. Hopefully 2012 will be less "interesting".

I see new things in store for 2012 and it looks to be a busy one.

Probably the biggest event in store for 2012 will be getting past my qualifier. Once I make it past that, it should be a reasonably clear road to finishing my PhD. My original intention to do work, classes and research at the same time turned out to be somewhat overly optimistic, especially this past year where I didn't get much in the way of research done at all. Hopefully I'll be able to make faster progress starting in the new year, because quite honestly I'm starting to get tired of the whole school and research thing and will be very glad to get it over with.

Also looking forward to finally getting rid of this dud of a cell phone and upgrading to something with that will be a little more fun to use.

More simplicity is the goal for 2012.