SGS II Unboxing

I finally bit the bullet and decided to dump the Cliq for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S II.


The goodies inside the box: Phone, wall wart and cable, SIM card and battery. Interestingly, the antenna for the Near Field Communication (NFC) is integrated into the battery.

Here it is side by side with the Cliq. It's a big phone, but pretty slim.


Power up!


Apparently I need to go get the data on my old SIM card transferred to the new one. The manual says it will allow me to upgrade to Wi-Fi calling when it becomes available. I could probably pop the old SIM in there I guess. At least the wifi works fine.

Update: After trawling through the T-mobile forums, I discovered there was an update to Androild 2.3.6 available (the phone came with 2.3.5). After a few hours of futzing around and staying up far later than I should have, I got the update downloaded and installed. Then the phone told me that Wi-fi calling was available, but that my SIM card (I put the old one in to test) needed to be updated. Off to the store at some point.