Star trails on a golf course

In the search for some dark skies, I was off to visit a friend in Moncks Corner who lives near a golf course. Were it not for the nearly full moon, it would have been a good night.

Oh well. At least now I know a good spot to go and try again. It wasn't a total waste. The full moon is pretty bright so I took advantage of it to see what some moonlight only photos might look like.

With a 10s exposure (f/3.5, ISO 100) it almost looks like day time.

With a little colour adjusting, you can make night into day. Daystars!

Moonlight shadow

cast by the moon

This is a stack of 37 images, 15 s each at f/3.5, ISO 100. The bright star in the center is Sirius and at the top you can see part of Orion. The trees add some interesting elements to the picture.

Going to have to head back out there in a couple of weeks to try again.