Pizza has always been one of my favourite food groups. Sadly it isn't really all that compatible with my low-carb lifestyle now, unless I want to deal with big blood glucose spikes.

Then the thought occurred to me that instead of regular pizza crust (which is where the problem lies), I need a low-carb crust. I've seen various recipes on a diabetes forum I've been hanging out in for low carb pizza crusts using ingredients like almond or coconut flour, or a low carb biscuit flour.

How about tortillas? I found some low carb tortillas a while back that tasted pretty decent. They seemed like they would do pretty well for a pizza crust.

Take one or two tortillas (the ones I used were 6" diameter) and spread a little pizza sauce on them (~1 Tbsp). I leave a bit of unsauced edge to make it a little easier to pick up for eating. Top with whatever you like. I suggest going a little easy on the cheese because without the bready crust to soak up the cheese oil, it just gets all over the place and becomes all messy (unless you like that sort of thing).

Slide onto a pan that you've had heating up in the oven (I like to heat them up in a 500°F oven). This will help make the tortilla "crust" nice and crispy. Bake until the cheese is all melty and brown (~5 minutes). Remove, let cool a bit and cut into slices. Eat.