Food truck feasting

Hit up the Charleston Food Truck Festival in Marion Square this afternoon. A gathering of all the mobile food trucks in the Charleston area which also gathered a huge crowd of people. Somewhat daunting.
Food truck festival

Food truck festival

Food truck festival

Each of the trucks had pretty long lines. This time I hit up the Magic Cheese Truck for a Buffalo Chicken Melt. Pretty tasty. It had little bits of blue cheese in it, which I normally don't like, but not so much that I didn't want to eat it. It was good with the tomato-basil soup/dipper that comes with their sammiches.

Can't go to one of these food truck gatherings without hitting the Diggity Donuts truck. They always seem to have the longest lines, but today they seemed to be able to get the donuts out faster so the line went a little quicker.
Food truck fest. Waiting in line for Diggity Donuts.

So now that I've been to a couple of food truck gatherings, I'm a little torn. The fact there are enough food trucks in the area to put on food truck rodeos and fests is really cool. They do seem to attract a lot of people though, and can be pretty crowded. If all you're going for is the food, then perhaps not the best way to do it since you'll end up standing in line for quite a while. Better to just track them down at their usual haunts if that's the case. The rodeos are a great opportunity to people watch (and dog watch) and gather with friends though, which can be a lot of fun.
Dog watching at the food truck fest

Bacon socks

I think what Charleston needs is a craft beer truck now, to hang out at the food truck rodeos. I wonder if that would be legal. Somehow I think probably not. With 4 local breweries, it would be pretty cool though.