+1 Tablet

The Asus Transformer Prime I ordered arrived yesterday. After an agonizing one hour wait for it to charge up enough to power up, it spent another hour or so sucking down apps from the market after I finished setting it up.

It's been pretty fun to play with, although I haven't done too much with it yet aside from exploring the Asus interface slapped onto Android. It came with Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) installed on it already. Looking forward to seeing ICS on my Galaxy SII.

The screen is pretty nice, and gets pretty bright when you turn on the IPS+ mode (for daylight viewing).

Wifi range isn't all that great, because of the aluminum back, but I knew that already from what I read in various reviews. Same with GPS it seems, although I haven't taken it outside yet. It detects no GPS inside the house, while my phone will pick up a few satellites.

Next task is to figure out how to get my computers to see it when I plug in. Android ICS uses Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) now instead of USB Mass Storage to connect via USB and there are a few more hoops to go through.

The main reason I decided to get myself a tablet was so that I could go through the stacks of journal articles without having to spend all my time in front of the computer reading them or wasting a lot of paper printing them. I think it will work out pretty well for that, although the aspect ratio of the tablet isn't exactly optimal.

One thing I have noticed so far is that charging via USB port isn't very effective. It doesn't seem to charge if it's being used, and only very slowly if it's off or shut down. It seems like the Prime's power draw is about the limit of what USB ports can provide (mine anyway). Charging happens best using the wall wart.

Really liking the Prime so far.