A sense of "done"

One of my friends started a new job in part because she needed a sense of "done" in her life.

It got me thinking, maybe I need the same. A sense of being done with something, a sense of accomplishing something. Maybe that's one of the reasons I've been so meh and blah lately.

I've started a lot of things, but they either don't get completed for various reasons, or they're handed off to someone else to be completed. Mostly it's because I finish it enough to satisfy myself and/or my curiosity, and then I lose interest. It's kind of "done", but not really.

For the majority of things I do, like the equipment testing, nothing is ever really done. They're only done in the sense that I've reached the end and now I get to start over again.

Stuck in cycles of done-ness.

There's an old part of me that says we've done and accomplished enough. We don't need anymore to prove anything.

Maybe it's enough to be able to take something, work on it and then put it away when it's finished.