Zen running

For some, running is their contemplative time. For some, it's time to slap on some headphones to tune out the world. For others, it's just another tortuous chore to get through.

For me, running has always been a time where my brain turns off. The only things I think about are breathing, keeping my feet moving, and making sure I don't get splatted by traffic.

I usually pick my routes to minimize the chances of the latter happening. One less thing to think about.

There's no mulling over the day, no thinking about my latest problems or woes, no worrying about this or that.

Even the voices in my head are quiet during my runs.

Since I started running again, I've realized how much I missed that mental quiet.

It's not an escape. It's just...quiet, meditative.

Maybe that's why Forrest Gump took off and ran, and ran, and ran.

I wish I could do that.