Coffee roasting

On my way back after getting the struts replaced yesterday, I happened to see the doors open at Coastal Coffee Roasters, so I thought I'd stop in and say hi.

They're normally not open Sundays, but Brad was in roasting some beans and having some more work done on the place. Got to see the new additions to the shop too. There's a new art gallery in the space next door and they've added some kitchen space. Office space and restrooms were being worked on when I stopped in.

Brad let me hang out a bit and I got to help out with roasting a few batches of beans (and by "help" I mean I flipped a lever when he told me to). It was pretty cool watching the green coffee beans go in from the bucket and come out dark and roasty and all the stages in between. They don't immediately have that roasted coffee smell when they come out of the roaster, but there's a hint of it. I guess the aroma must develop over time.

Had a good time participating in the roasting process and learned a few more things. Thanks to Brad for letting me hang out and aiding my procrastinating.