Diabetes Diagnosis + 11 months

Getting pretty close to a year since my diagnosis and things are going pretty well so far. Fasting blood glucose levels in the morning are usually below 120 and typically in the 100-115 range. Except for a few occasions, I'm managing to keep it below 140 throughout the day. Managing to maintain a mostly low-carb diet, although it's not always easy with the cafeteria offerings. I probably need to start packing my own lunches or something.

My running has picked up quite a bit this year, although I've been lazy about getting back to strength training at the gym lately. This probably represents the longest period of running I've been able to stick with since my University days.

Weight has been pretty steady for the past year, going down maybe a couple kilograms or so. I think there's been a lot of weight redistribution going on. Feeling pretty good about it. Would like to shed a couple more kilograms over the summer.