Moebius bacon

@NR4CB tweeted "RT @NT7S RT @iowahawkblog: Idea: Moebius bacon strips. #InfiniteBacon"

Brain: There is bacon in the fridge. Make this! Nao!

As if I needed an excuse to eat bacon.

Let's start with the double smoked bacon that I picked up from Ted's Butcherblock on Friday.

A Moebius strip is easy to make. Take a strip of paper, give one end a half twist and attach the ends together.

Bacon comes in strips. Thus you can make Moebius bacon in the same way. I made three of them, two using one piece of bacon, and a third using two pieces of bacon.


Into the oven they went. About 10 minutes later, this is what came out: cooked Moebius bacon.


They didn't hold their shape quite as well as I expected, but they still tasted good.