Running craves

I kind of guilted myself into running this morning.

It's not that I felt like I had to go run. More like I wanted to run, started thinking I didn't have time and then decided "Ah, what the heck".

I think I've reached that point (again).

Easy 5k pace has gone down to around 5:45/km now and comfortable pace is still around 5:30/km.

Nice cool run this morning. Enjoying it while I can. Although the last couple of days have been unseasonably cool for this time of year, the hot is coming and soon my morning runs will be in 25-30°C weather, which I'm not really looking forward to.

According to Runkeeper, I've accumulated 306.1 running kilometers, 41.1 walking kilometers (most of that at the beginning) and burned 29694 calories since I started using it in October last year. My next run will put me over 30k calories burned.

I've gone from being able to just manage a 2.5 km jog before having to stop to 10 km in just over an hour in 7 months with what essentially amounted to a 1 month break in between. Total monthly distance has been increasing pretty steadily and this month I should be able to crack 100 km. Pretty pleased with that.