Charleston Eats: The return of Steak-Out

When I first started working at MUSC, deliveries from a place called Steak-Out were pretty common. I'd see someone making a delivery almost daily to some place in the hospital. Seemed pretty popular.

And then it stopped. Don't recall when it happened, but one day the deliveries just stopped and their location on Savannah Highway (near Andolini's) went dark. That little building served as home to a few different businesses over the intervening years, including a BBQ joint and a little catering/take-out operation.

Now it appears they're back, and (I think) in the same building. After a friend mentioned it was there, I drove by to look. Couldn't tell if it was actually open yet, and the website doesn't list it as a location so it may not be officially open (or just hasn't made it to the website yet).

Maybe the Steak-Out delivery guy will become a fixture at MUSC again.