Collaboration phishing

I've received a couple of emails claiming to be from people who are interested in working with me on a project based on a blog post.

The first one I received a couple of days ago almost seemed genuine enough to make me think about it a little bit longer than usual before deciding it was just another form of phishing. The second one I received today pretty much confirmed that.

If the random URLs the spammers picked for their email were even remotely related to the claimed project, I almost might have been fooled. Big fat fail, spammers.

Both emails had the same form

I am curious if you are the person responsible for adding content to the following page: <Insert random URL>

If not, feel free to forward me on to the correct person! I came across your page during my research for a project for which I am contributor. It is a resource primarily aimed at health care professionals in a <Insert random health care profession> capacity. Our mission is to be an objective, informative source of information for those in the specialized fast-paced field of <Insert random health care profession>.

I would love to send over more details about this project and partner with you, let me know!

Thanks for your time. I look forward to working with you!