Free Comic Book Day

My comic book days are long past, but I decided to go to Free Comic Book Day at Soundwave Movies and Music up in Summerville and meet up with fellow Trek and Dragon*Con geek Erika. A bit of a drive but hey, just another excuse to procrastinate, right? And there's Madra Rua just down the block.

Comics have gotten a lot more expensive since I last bought any.

Soundwave is a little store with about half devoted to comics and the other half to DVDs and CDs. Still bigger than the mall kiosk booths that most comic places were when I was collecting. All of the people there seemed like regulars. Friendly place. Might be a place I'd visit more often if I was closer.

Most of the titles were familiar, and seeing Alpha Flight resurrected made it very tempting to get back into comics again.

I may have to see about getting the two boxes of comics I still have stashed at home shipped to me (I think they're still there anyway).

After, we went off to Madra Rua and met up with Heather and had a great time hanging out. I can proudly say there was hardcore nerd table action going on.