Movie marathon epicness

Not since I did the LOTR extended edition DVD marathon a couple years ago has my ass been glued to a seat for so long.

Yesterday's Marvel/Avengers movie marathon at Cinebarre was pretty awesome. The version of The Incredible Hulk (with Ed Norton) they played and Thor I hadn't seen before. I liked this version of the Hulk with the tributes it played to the TV series (including a cameo by Lou Ferrigno, who also voiced the Hulk). Thor was pretty cool, and there was much ooo'ing from the women in the theater during shirtless Thor scenes.

The Avengers (in 3D) was, well, pretty freaking awesome, although I might have to go see it again because by then my brain was pretty much on overload and I think I zoned out on a few scenes.

The 30 and 60 minute breaks between movies, comfy seats plus being able to order food made the whole marathon more comfortable than I expected it would be. It was my first time at Cinebarre, and probably won't be my last now.

Food at Cinebarre was pretty good I thought. Started off with one of their pepperoni pizzas (Italian Job), then snacked on some fried pickles (Big Lebowskies), one of their burgers (Cineburger) and a final snack of potato skins (Body Snatchers). They were all pretty good. Most of the menu items are in the $8-10 range, which makes the appetizers a little on the overpriced side IMO. However, considering you'd spend at least that on just popcorn and a drink in a regular movie theater, dinner and a movie at Cinebarre comes out ahead in that respect.