Hello Ice Cream Sandwich

The much awaited firmware update to Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) made it to my phone today. Took about 30 minutes for the download, verifying, flashing and rebooting to get it installed and then another hour or so messing around redoing the screens that got reset to the default setup..

Phone seems to be running pretty well so far with out any issues. It was a bit glitchy at first, but a post-install reboot seems to have fixe most of the lagginess problems.

Even though I've mostly gotten used to ICS from using it on my Transformer Prime, it still took a little while to get used to it on my phone.

Was finally able to give wifi calling a try. Although I've had the phone for a few months now, it hardly ever gets used as a phone but I had a chance to try it out and use it with my BT handset. Worked out pretty well, although with the limited bandwidth of my slow DSL connection, there were a few times where voice got garbled. The sound quality seemed kind of more digitized, almost synthesized with wifi calling than it did when I switched off of wifi calling.

So far the only problem I've run into is that I seem to have lost the ability to get screenshots. The normal method of hitting the power + home buttons doesn't seem to work anymore, although I've seen forum posts where people have said it should still work. Not sure what the problem is yet, but I hope it doesn't require a hard reset to fix. I may do it anyway, just to give ICS a fresh start.

Update: Discovered that a short delay has been introduced to screenshots. Just need to hold the power + home buttons down for about a second before the screenshot is taken. Also learned that power + volume-down works for screenshots too, with a similar delay.