Roasty toasty = no running

Summer is here, and with it are the 30°C+ temperatures (in the morning) that completely sap any desire I might have to do anything outside, much less go running in it. This is putting my running goal of 800 km by the end of the year in jeopardy.

I see a lot of people running outside, particularly mid-day, which makes me wonder how on earth they do that.

I've fired up the treadmill and set up the fan so that there's some air flow to keep me sort of cool while I use it. The plan is to use it a little more during the summer but first I have to figure out what units I set it up to display in. I seem to remember setting it up to display in metric so I just need to make sure.

Treadmill running isn't quite the same as running on the road, but it should at least keep me doing something, which is better than doing nothing.