Dragon*Con lineup

Only a couple of days left until I head out for another Dragon*Con! As usual there are way more sessions and panels that I want to go to than there are of me to go see, and a good bit of my D*C "schedule" is triple or quad-booked.

I tend to spend most of my time at sessions in the Science and Space tracks. There are a few celebrity panels I'd like to see, but the lines for them are generally really long and most of the time I don't feel like standing in them.

There are a few "Have to go" sessions on the list though. Here are some of the sessions/panels with the highest probability of me being at.

1730: D*C Pre/Post Con Support Council meetup - Marriott Pulse Bar
1830: Girls of the Con Calendar Release Party - Marriott Pulse Bar
1900: Buckets o' Rum meetup - Hyatt

1300: Famous Unsolved Codes - Hilton 201
1900: Up and Down the Dial - Hilton 202

1000: Dragon*Con Parade
1300: Between the Candle and the Star (Babylon 5) - Hyatt International North
1730: Advanced Space Propulsion 101 - Hilton 203
1900: Higgs Boson - Hilton 202
2030: More Higgs Boson - Hilton 202
2200: Up and Down the Dial Scavenger Hunt - Hilton 202 (I'm helping with this one)

1000: Adam West and Burt Ward (Batman/Robin) - Hyatt Centennial I
1130: Next Generation (Star Trek) - Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
1430: Astronomy Cast - Hilton 204
1730: Cryptography 101 - Hilton 201
1900: Katherine Kurtz - Hyatt Fairlie

There are other sessions and panels on the list that are on the "Would be nice to see" list, which means "If the line isn't horribly long or I manage to get a good spot in line, I'll go". The rest of the time I'll be wandering around, checking out all the people and the costumes, in the vendor rooms and hanging out in the various bars (usually at the Hyatt).

If you're going to Dragon*Con, look for me and say hi. I'll probably be wearing my blue Star Trek robe.