Breadboard power

Spent a couple hours putting together the two breadboard power supply kits while I was waiting for laundry to get done.

Soldered all the pieces into place and worked on refining my technique. I think I'm starting to get better at it now. Still looks a little messy, but it's not quite as blobby as when I first started. Managed to not burn myself either.


Grabbed a USB A/B cable off the scanner (closest one available), plugged the B side into the power supply and...nothing.

Crap, I did something wrong putting it together.

Then I realized the other end wasn't plugged into anything. Plugged the A side into the computer and I was rewarded with an LED light coming on!

The USB power supply works perfectly. Measured pretty close to the 5 and 3.3 V it's supposed to put out. I need to find a suitable wall wart for the other one. The closest handy one I had (used for the cradle for my Tungsten T3) only puts out 5V/1A. It gave me just under 3V, but didn't change when I switched to 5V. Think I've got a few more wall warts around that will put out the 6-12 V the power supply wants. Just need to hunt them down.

Now to find some projects to make use of them.

More soldering XPs!