Star Trek: TNG Season 2 theater event

Hey look! A non-ham radio entry!

Another season of ST:TNG is coming out on Blu-ray, and yesterday was a theatrical event to mark the release, just like for Season 1. Made the trek (pun intended) up to Summerville to join Erika and CAST to watch Q Who and The Measure of a Man on the big screen in HD.

Yeah, I wore my Star Trek robe.

Both were good episodes for the season, although the picture seemed kind of on the dark side. Maybe it was just the way it was projected. Borg cube looked pretty cool in HD, but it didn't look like the episode got any extra CG treatment like what was done for DataLore in the first season. Measure of a Man featured an extra 13 minutes of previously unreleased scenes. I was able to spot a few of them but I don't think any of them really added much to the overall story. The extended fencing scene was kind of cool though.

Also got to see some of the blooper reel, and part of the 25th anniversary cast reunion interview from the 2012 Calgary Comic Expo.

Looking forward to adding Season 2 to the collection (I should probably think about getting a Blu-ray player or something). Season 3 looks like it should be pretty awesome too. Hopefully there will be another similar event for the Season 3 Blu-ray release.