This past weekend I got to experience my first cruise on Royal Carribean's Monarch of the Seas (henceforth known as "Connie's Ship"). Since the ship is being sold, this was our last chance to cruise on her ship before it left Royal Carribean's fleet.

Getting on the ship is a lot like getting onto an airplane. You check your bags, check in, wait for boarding and then get on board. On the cruise ship though, you can unpack things and relax while it takes you places. On a plane, you're just cooped up waiting to get to the other end. On the ship, there's always something to do, or you can just sit around and do nothing.

Food on the ship is plentiful, to the point where no matter what time of day it is, you can find something to eat somewhere on the ship. Lots of places to explore on the ship and the staff make sure there are lots of activities going on. In addition to being a first cruise, I got to climb a rock wall for the first time, had a first taste of caviar, sampled some new foods, and visited a new place. Food was pretty decent and the buffets offered a nice variety of food, snacks and desserts. I definitely ate more than was probably good for me.

I think what I like most about cruises is the forced disconnect. There's no cell service out in the middle of the ocean, and using the ship's satellite internet service is too pricey to make it worthwhile.

Looking forward to going on more cruises.