T-7 months

At some point about a year or so ago, I started following Connie/NR4CB on Twitter. Not long after that, I discovered she was a math geek, and also a licensed ham radio operator. I also learned she was one of Heather's friends and also the godmother of her kids.

Hey, I like math, and I've been interested in learning more about ham radio. This made Connie instantly more interesting, so we started talking more on Twitter.

We made plans to meet up at the Atlanta Hamfest, because it wasn't all that far away and it was a good opportunity to meet up in person before she got to the Charleston part of her road trip.

The meeting at the hamfest went well. We were very comfortable being around each other and just hanging out together. We soon became a thing, Connie finished her road trip, and moved to Charleston.

Being the introvert that I am, there aren't very many people I want to be around for any length of time. With Connie, there's never any time I don't want to be around her. It's a very different feeling, but one that I enjoy.

Over the past 5 months, we've become best friends, great partners and a really good team. There's plenty of love, and just as important, we really like being around each other (no small thing for a pair of introverts).

Now, in 7 months, we're going to get married.


Nothing big or flashy. Just a small event with the people we really want to be there. A small, low profile ceremony, and then spending the rest of our time together.