There goes the TV

After 11 years, the TV has finally died. First it started off with the vertical sync messing up. Turn the TV off for a bit, then it went back to normal. Over a period of a few weeks, the time interval between the TV messing up went down and the length of time I'd have to keep it off to fix went up. The picture is just one very bright flat line across the middle of the screen now.

Time for that technology refresh I've been wanting to do.

Of course now I want to take it into the workshop and do an autopsy on the TV to see if there's anything interesting I can do to it. This seems like it should be an easy problem to fix. Just need to figure out how to fix it and where to apply the fix for this particular TV, which will mean trying to find some schematics for it. I'll also need to clear off most of the workbench to make room for the TV.

If nothing else, it will be fun to poke around the inside and see what the innards look like.