Ham Radio

My history with amateur (ham) radio started in 2010 with the second Charleston Barcamp. In an effort to encourage a little more topic diversity, one of the topics I suggested was "Intro to Ham Radio", hoping someone would pick it up.

Fortunately for me, someone did and proceeded to give a nice session complete with radio demonstration. I also ended up discovering that some people I knew were also ham radio operators. They also "encouraged" me to get my ham radio license, which I considered, but put off because of lack of time.

Finally in 2012, after succumbing to increasing peer pressure, I started doing some studying for the amateur radio license. June 2, 2012 at the Atlanta Hamfest, I took and passed the Technician and General exams (Elements 2 and 3) and became a General class amateur radio operator. I also took a stab at the Amateur Extra exam (Element 4) even though I hadn't done any preparation for it at all, but didn't pass it (didn't really expect to). A couple days later I was issued the call sign KK4JRP and it became official in the eyes of the FCC.

Three weeks later, I had my first radio, a Yaesu VX8-DR handheld. Then I operated on the air for the first time as WA4USN for Field Day.

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